Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indonesia Beat Philippine 1 - 0

Indonesia play foot ball as must be. Indonesia can beat Philippine 1 – 0 play in Gelora Bung Karno – Jakarta last night. This semifinal plays by four team Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, and Vietnam. On the first semifinal Malaysia can beat Vietnam 2 – 0 and every player will play twice in their country and in their enemy country.

After several years Indonesia fall go to final of South East Asia Football game, this year Indonesia hope can play as the finalist and hope can win on this game season. This football game will decide the player who can go to Asian Football player. The finalist players can follow the football game in Asian class. The tree player of Asian football game will choose to follow World Cup Game.

Indonesia VS Philippine last night look not too good, many Philippine attack can be penetrated by goal keeper and back player, even though back player success to anticipate of goal twice after the goal keeper go to front. This situation must be improved to make always play perfect and lessen of miscommunication among the player.

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