Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fish With No Eyes

Fish with no eyes and frog that always bring their egg in back are the two species that found on the cave in Papua – Indonesia. The researcher from France found on his expedition in the cave of Papua, in the river underground until the jungle in about Lenguru the south of Papua.

The scientist found many new things, this area is difficult to reach and have rich of species. The team include biologist, paleontologist and archeologist search those area about 7 weeks. Those area is labyrinth or limestone that possibility for the species being isolated as long millionth years.

The biologist is impressive to the ancient fish without eyes, archeologist also interest to the drawing on the cave wall that is made by animal shell. This founding is a proof that any migration from Asia to Australia about 40,000 years ago. This research is the first project that study about biodiversity in Indonesia. This research is cooperation between sea minister and fishery with science college.

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