Sunday, December 26, 2010

Final Indonesia Vs Malaysia

Many football favors will watch this match because Indonesia and Malaysia always become a real game. Indonesia often have problem with Malaysia government in many matter like in boundary and culture original claim. In certain game Indonesia is always meet with Malaysia such as in badminton play and in Malaya original sports.

Even though Malaysia have been beat by Indonesia in group playing by 5:1 but currently play in their country, Malaysia will play careful and braver. Malaysia still have good football player that dangerous like Mohd. Safee bi Mohd Sali. In front line Malaysia will place Norshahrul Indian Talaha that was elected as Player of the year Malaysia 2010.

On this game I think Malaysia will can resist Indonesian attach and even Malaysia will loss on this game, the score will don’t too big difference like 1: 0 or 2 : 1. Malaysia will play first on their country and after that will play in Indonesia as revenge. This chance just only once if Malaysia loses on this game, Malaysia can’t be a winner this time.

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