Friday, March 12, 2010

Swallow Sandal Factory on Fire

This news have released on TV several days ago that Swallow Sandal Store on fire. This condition make the swallow sandal will lessen, and make the swallow sandal price increase uncontrolled. The condition still difficult to control because sandal material is made from rubber and easy to burn and difficult to kill the fire. About three peoples are died on this fire, all of them are store keeper include the store head.

This condition will affect to the sandal supply on the market, as we know that swallow sandal is the best seller sandal in Indonesia and as I know that this sandal still the best on their class. When I was in Mecca there are no jepit sandal as good as Swallow. Even V sandal is not good for long walk but this sandal is still favorite in Indonesia, either the price is cheap, v sandal is easy to wear and loose it.

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