Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tobacco Virus can be a Medicine

As a general tobacco can cause bad effect to out body, people just said about bad effect of this material. Scientist have found different about this material, because tobacco is a natural plant that available for use by human being, but not just for be sucked. The tobacco virus can be a medicine.

This knowledge is involving a molecular grade technology, on tobacco sometime live a virus that can broken their growth. Scientists are using a modified tobacco virus to deliver delicate gene therapies into the heart of diseased cells, with the potential to treat most cancers, viruses and genetic disorders.

The tobacco mosaic virus, which plagues the plant but is harmless to humans, is hollowed out and filled with "small interfering RNA" molecules, or siRNA, which some scientists consider to be the most significant development in medicine since the discovery of vaccines.

Bentley's team has successfully hollowed out the virus and filled it with siRNA, and then used it to slip the frail substance into all sorts of cells, from kidney tissue to cancer. The researchers have proven that the tiny capsules provide adequate protection, and that they release their payloads once inside -- hitting their target genes right on the mark.

The short, double-stranded RNA molecules known as siRNA can program cells to destroy disease-causing proteins. Their molecules turn on a cell's own built-in disease-fighting mechanisms. They can be programmed for a wide range of ailments -- from cancers to viruses -- and because they use the cell's own defense mechanisms, they produce minimal side effects.

In addition to treating cancers and genetic disorders, siRNA could prove useful against a variety of rare diseases that have, and always will be, overlooked by big pharmaceutical companies -- the long tail of disease.

Is those experiment going smoothly? No the problem is not easy to overcome, problem is in the delivery: siRNA molecules are very fragile, and can’t get where they need to go without some assistance. So this technology still need more long time in order able applied as medicine for rare diseases like cancer, virus infection diseases and others.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What is Herbalist

Herbalist is person who already train with herbal medicine knowledge. He or She alredy got certificate to practice his or her knowledge and can give herbal medicine to other people. Herbalist uses plants and other natural substances to cure the diseases and also treat to prevent of many diseases.

People who consume herbal medicine is called as Herbalism, botanical medicine or Phytomedicine that have been use for thousand of years. Accoring to the WHO, about 80% of people in the world use herbal medicine as a part of overall health care.

In the development countries herbal medicine already change into simple product from extract or powder of many plants, root, berries, leaves, bark, flowers and many other and they named with dietary supplement. This supplement already sell as legal product and can be found in Apotek and clinics. Supplement medicine usually don't covered by insurance but some also coverred depend on the first agreement.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Brazil vs Germany - 2014

Fantastic record on semifinal world cup that play in their home Brazil vs Germany = 1:7. Brazil is world player that nominated as one of the finalis of this year 2014. But drastically Germany can feat Brazil with fantastic score 7 vs 1.

Actually Brazil have several times to try make the goal on the goal keeper, but the good play from Germanya keeper so make Brazil attack can be anticipated with very good. The first round score already 5 for Germany and 0 for Brazil, on the second round Germany can add 2 more goal, and on the last minute Brazil can make the goal to the Germany Gool Keeper but too late the gool already too much to reach. End of the game 7 for Germany and 1 for Brazil.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Bowl 2013: Revens VS 49ers

The super bowl 2013 is a battle between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans to the commercials to Beyonce at halftime and the buzz.

In a game that will forever live in infamy for the big plays that were and the even bigger calls that weren't, the Baltimore Ravens have defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a final score of 34-31 tonight (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, to win Super Bowl 2013.

Ray Lewis will get to ride off into the sunset with another title under his belt, whether you believe he deserves to or not. The Ravens came storming out of the gate, setting the pace with a long drive that went for six points on a Joe Flacco connection to Anquan Boldin on their opening possession of the game. They went on a tear for the remainder of the first half, capitalizing on multiple 49ers mistakes to run the score up to 21-6 at halftime.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Robert Noyce The Chip Inventor

Noyce was the general manager of the company and while there invented the integrated chip -- a chip of silicon with many transistors all etched into it at once. That was the first time he revolutionized the semiconductor industry. He stayed with Fairchild until 1968, when he left with Gordon Moore to found Intel. At Intel he oversaw Ted Hoff's invention of the microprocessor -- that was his second revolution.

Noyce, the son of a preacher, grew up in Grinnell, Iowa. He was a physics major at Grinnell College, and exhibited while there an almost baffling amount of confidence. He was always the leader of the crowd. This could turn against him occasionally -- the local farmers didn't approve of him and weren't likely to forgive quickly when he did something like steal a pig for a college luau. The prank nearly got Noyce expelled, even though the only reason the farmer knew about it was because Noyce had confessed and offered to pay for it.

91 Messi Goal

This is the record of Messi goal all over the year of 2012. I don't talk about worl record, because next year this record will break again depend on the how much time play totally in a year. My friend a football player may can make goal 100 just in a week, because he play against children player.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Typhoon Attack Korea

Typhoon slams Korea, grounds Chinese Ship On August 28, 2012 last time a Typhoon Bolaven pounded South Korea Tuesday, grounding two Chinese fishing boats and killing at least 5 fisherman. Power was knocked out to hundreds of thousands, while in Taiwan typhoon Tembin returned after being blown out to sea.