Monday, September 6, 2010

David Beckham House Sell

David Beckham and his wife, Victoria want to sell his luxury house in Sawbridgeworth, England, that often called by Beckingham. This is because Beckham and the family have been established in Loss Angeles and want be settled there.

Beckham moved to Los Angeles on 2007 and been contracted by Los Angeles Galaxy until 2012, while Victoria business as designer also have improved good there. Their children Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz also like to stay there, even they have American style and have more friend there.

This house have special history for Beckham family. He bought this house on October 1999 after married with Victoria. At the time he bought of mansion build on the year of 1930s with Georgia style about 2,5 million Pounds. The media called this house as Beckhingham Palace as the imitate of Buckhingham Palace.

Beckham have too many luxury house and need expensive treatment. After their moving to Los Angeless, Beckham have bought a mansion by Italian style about 11 million pounds. Beckham enjoy stay in Loss Angeles, their children have good school, in Beverly Hills. Their children cost for school reach of 60,000 pounds or about (Rp. 831,4 million) per year.

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