Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Queen of Twitter

The queen of twitter follower have been change. The biggest of twitter follower for last time is hold by Britney Spears that hold this predicate for about one year, but currently this predicate have moved to other music stars of America.

Lady Gaga have declare herself as the New Queen of Twitter follower. Britney spears have been follow by about 5.7 million people and this Lady Gaga has succeed to follow by about 5.75 million follower, waooo. Lady Gaga then upload their video on you tube and declare by herself about this position to the the highest number follower on twitter.

Aee you have be her follower, I think you can go here instead of Lady Gaga Follower to follow Adi Grahito. he he he .....  :)

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