Monday, May 12, 2008

Instinct Fragrance by David Beckham

What is the kind fragrance for man? Your question will answer by the fragrance maker like Coty, Coty has produce a special fragrance and has paired with the superstar athlete David Beckham. The name of this fragrance was Instinct. A sporty and fresh scent, this oil was created by perfumers Alain Astori and Beatrice Piquet. There are many type of this fragrance; bergamot, orange, mandarin, star anise, cardamom, red pimento, vetiver, patchouli and white amber.

If you like to choose what the kind of fragrance is that suit with your body, you should try it a little, and it usually already prepared for you to try. Rubbing few oil to your skin, try it to your neck, or you hands and waiting until the oil react with your skin, after the oil react with your skin it may changes in smell or make your skin changes in color. If your skin doesn’t suit with that oil, your skin may show side effect or allergy to this oil.

Beckham Instinct has launch in the United States. Meanwhile, it is available at ascentual and strawberrynet. Overall, this is the perfect scent for a teenage boy. Perfect for school, for a nightclub, or for partying, this is a youthful and unobtrusive scent that won’t offend anyone. Beckham will surely be able to afford that Italian Villa he’s been eyeing as result of the kickbacks from Instinct and though I personally wouldn’t choose to wear it, I wouldn’t exactly put up a fuss if forced to wear it.

This is as the producers comment about this fragrance:

Though I didn’t have high hopes for this one, being both a product of Coty and another “celebrity” scent, I’ll admit that it’s pleasant. Reminding me of Dior Higher Energy with main notes of citrus, vetiver and musk, Instinct opens with a rather nondescript citrus accord, sweetened by white amber. Though the olfactory notes would suggest something darker, and slightly spicy, the fragrance basically stops here, continuing on the skin as a sweet citrus. The pimento makes a brief appearance, though really doesn’t bring much to the composition other than a slightly watery green edge. The scent has very little silage and 2 full sprays to the left arm lasted about 2 hours. I keep wondering where the patchouli and anise are, expecting this scent to take a dark turn…but to no avail.

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