Friday, July 23, 2010

Tips For Data Administrator

If you become a data administrator, your work is to record all of data come to your table and you usually just piling sheet to your incoming document . Then you don’t have time to check again what the data that have been recorded and what data don’t recorded yet. If you work just record and place on the table, sometime you stay away and let your work on the table. May be any body move your paper or shift your paper to other position then you will difficult to differ what already record what not already.

For that problem you can signed the record who already recorded and lets them blank to the date not record yet, so you can differ of your data into two parts already done and not already. What about this if somebody have sent you of certain data but then missing because of many reason, so what kind of data you received and not record yet but missing. For in the next short time may no body will ask about this missing data but in the future there are somebody ask you what about those missing data. For this problem you can record of every data come to you, write the date, title, and the sheet number of those data. So you can detect if sometime the data is missing because of you, you can request again about the similar data from the sender.

This is just short tips, if you have more tips about this job, you can share through your comment here.

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