Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spain The Winner of World Cup - 2010

Finally Spain become the winner of World Cup 2010, my guess was wrong. I do not guess that Spain will win on this Soccer final game because have too many people is affected by octopus guess that choose a Spain. People guess was not realistic anymore, don’t use their knowledge or their analyze to predict the winner. They just believe to the oracle even believe to the animal like octopus and myna bird. People may will believe to this animals but don’t believe anymore to their knowledge and their diligent, and will follow to what this animal choose. This is very risk to your life, people will don’t follow to people prediction even this is very realistic even less of people calculation to predict the winner shows wrong like the winner formula last time.

Nevertheless, Spain become the winner because Spain have shown their high quality before to be a Europe Soccer winner, and on this world cup just make them shown more being believe to be the best soccer player of the year. Even Spain is not as smooth as Netherlands of the game before but Spain have shown as the best and become the Winner of World Cup 2010. Those happen can be our mirror to our wrong angle to make a decision that based on the animals choosing, cause maybe this animal have practiced to choose of Spain because of their coach want to choose Spain as the winner. At last the winner just can be one team, and Netherlands still miss their chance currently.

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