Friday, August 21, 2009

How to Be a Good Writer

Every people that work with their hand and type something in a paper or in electronic media they want to write something that people also want to read, but not all of their work will read by other people. People may just write but no others want to read, may be like my post, hu uh.

But I feel no worry about this because I just train of my languange and finger to write using 10 fingers not just two fingers or people said "11" fingers. My write may contain no information but this is exactly happen by many other people.

Many other blogger say that to write something must pure out from their heart but that is not as simple as many people say, either cause by using of strange language also cause by there are no writing talent. Different with Novel writer that can produce Best Seller Novel like succeded Indonesian novel on the market, they can write like the water flow from their mind and stick to the screen. Even they have write in a good story like Novel the K, but this novel still don't get a good receive in the market. The writer should sell by herself to make her novel get more reader and also get more money. Sometime the writer don't get more money from their writing, they sometime just receive books instead of their royalty because of their novel can't create money, what a pity?

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