Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Total Eclipse on July 22, 2009

On Tuesday 22 July of 2009 some of Indonesian area will total eclipse, the condition where the sun light will be inhibited by moon and can not reach the earth. This eclipse called as the top of eclipse parade for 30 days that will occur sun eclipse consecutively. Penumbral eclipse on 7 July of 2009, total eclipse on July 22, 2009 and Penumbral eclipse on August 6, 2009.

Total eclipse on July 9, 2009 is a part of serial eclipse of Saros 136, can be seen by South Asia, South-East Asia, East Asia and Pacific Ocean area. As the part of Saros 136 series, this eclipse is a repetitive of total eclipse of 55 years ago, on June 20, 1955. The different just on the location little shift to the north. So this eclipse will see again on 55 years later on 24 August of 2063, the same eclipse will be show but always shift to the north, more far from equator line.

Total eclipse on July 9, 2009 have a core shadow (umbra) as long several thousand kilometers from offshore of Arab sea, this umbra has a wide of 258 km. Eclipse will start from 06:58 west Indonesian times when the contact of penumbra continuous with starting penumbra contact (U1) on 07:51 west Indonesian times, with the month encircle the earth and will reach the top on 09:35 west Indonesian times. Total eclipse will starting on 11:19 west Indonesian times when the last contact happen on 12:12 west Indonesian times.

All Indonesian area locate far from Umbra track and on the Umbra border area, so just can see this eclipse on the eclipse part. The penumbra area will extent from west of Sumatra island go to North East through Jambi, Samarinda and North of Palu city and then turn to the South East through Luwuk city, Bula (east Seram island) and Arafuru sea. Just the north of this line can see the eclipse. Eclipse pray will do on this area:
  • Nangroe Aceh Darussalam
  • North Sumatera
  • West Sumatera
  • Riau
  • Island Riau
  • Jambi (part)
  • West Kalimantan
  • East Kalimantan (part)
  • North Sulawesi
  • Gorontalo
  • Central Sulawesi (part)
  • South Easth Sulawesi (part)
  • Maluku (part)
  • North Maluku
  • West Irian Jaya
  • Papua

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