Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earthquacke in Tasikmalaya

Yesterday on Wednesday September 02, 2009 in Indonesia, earthquacke (gempa bumi) with 7.3 richter scale was happen at 14:55 WIB the center of this earth quacke is in the sea South West of Tasikmalaya about 150 km in the deep of the sea of 30 km. This earth quacke is feel until Java, Bali, and Sumatra. Jakarta city also feel this earth quacke quite strong, make the wall ornament fall dawn.

In Tasikmalaya city this earth quacke fell about 5.3 richter scale, make some building is falling dawn. For a while total die of this earthquacke 39 peoples, and hundreds other victim was treated in the hospital. Banjar City, Garut and Cilacap feel this earth quacke quite strong and make some of their building is broken even fall dawn.

Actually there are alarm install on the sea if there are any big wave or earth quacke, but this alarm is not function at this time. This quacke come with no warning, fortunately the earthquake occurred during the day, so not much cause casualties. After this main quacke, aftershocks occurred several times with a magnitude 3 to 5 richter scale.

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