Thursday, July 31, 2008

Total Eclipsed

Total eclipsed will happen this evening Friday, August 01, 2008. This phenomenon will be the first total eclipsed for the last of two and a half year. This total eclipsed only will be able to see in the North area of Earth such as Canada to Greenland, Arctic, middle Russia and Mongolia until China. Those country civilized can directly witnessing this phenomena.

Total Eclipsed are happened when the moon position in between Earth and Sun, so sun light will closed partly by the Month. Even though the Moon diameter is smaller than Sun diameter, but the distance to earth is closer. Distance from Earth to the Sun about 149,680,000 km and from Earth to the Moon just 384,400 km.

On the total eclipsed, the Sun disc will totally closed by the Moon disc, at those time the disc form of Moon will same as or bigger than the Sun disc form. The Moon Disc or Sun Disc form diameter itself will change every time depend on the distance position to the Earth. This happen because the Sun position is shift from North to South and conversely from South to North. This disc form diameter also change when upset or rise up are bigger compare when the position is right up to our head.

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