Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Melamine Additive Can Cause Dead

Bad effect of product that used Melamine material as additive agent, this material usually use as plastic material base for plate or mug, glass etc., can causes sick even died to baby in RRC that become a warm News lately. This product also sells in Indonesia.

As the data from Jawa Pos date of 24 September 2008 to day, the list of products that should be take back from distribution are:
  1. Meiji indoeskrim Gold monas, chocolate taste
  2. Meiji indoeskrim Gold monas, vanilla taste
  3. Oreo Stick wafer
  4. Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies.
  5. Dutch lady strawberry flavored milk
  6. Nestle dairy farm UHT pure milk
  7. White rabbit creamy candy
  8. Dove Choc (chocolate candy)
  9. Dove Choc (without detail product)
  10. Jinwel Yougoo, Fermented milk with orange taste
  11. Jinwel Yougoo, many fruit taste
  12. Jinwel Yougoo, no taste
  13. Gouzhen susu fullcream powder
  14. M&M's candy chocolate milk
  15. M&M's chocolate milk
  16. Snicker's (biscuit-Nougat chocolate layer)
  17. Natural Choice Yogurt Flavored ice bar
  18. Yili bean club Matcha Red bean ice bar
  19. Yili Bean Club Red Bean ice bar
  20. Yili Prestige Chocliz
  21. Yili Chestnut ice bar
  22. Yili High Calcium Low fat Milk Beverage
  23. Yili High Calcium Milk Beverage
  24. Yili Pure Milk 205 ml
  25. Yili Pure Milk 1 L
  26. Yili Choice Dairy Frozen Yoghurt bar (candy)

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