Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Inner Power and Spirit

This sport is like Yoga from India and Thaichi from China, not using a body power to get a real power but from body energy that merge when we release this energy. Every people have this energy source but not everyone understand it or even controlled it. To raise this energy source is using a special body movement and concentration practice.

Several years ago many inner power course birth in Indonesia, there is Indonesian genuine sport or abroad, such as from India and China. A genuine sport course from Indonesia like; Syin Lam Ba, Nampon, Mahatma and Satria Nusantara and many others that I have forgotten. This sport last time is spreading growth vastly in Indonesia, until there are a special show in the television to show this sport acrobatic. I am also become a member of one of those sports, but now inactive.
Satria Nusantara, Syin Lam Ba and Nampon as seem have a similar movement, technique and purpose. One of the movement type is purpose to absorb environment energy, this movement is own by those entire sport course. This movement sometimes practice in special place like in the mountain, in the forest or in the coastal and do in the morning.

Concentration Practice:
How to do concentration practice, for this one you can do with sit position and your feet are folded, either in front side or below and stay. Then close the eyes, and forget of everything. Concentrate your mind in the middle of your two eyes, yes right upper of your nose. Arrange your birth and make it affected from tip of foot until tip of your hair and repeatedly this breath arrangement. Arrange your breath orderly, not too fast and not to slow. Practice this way for 5 minutes for the first time, then you can do for longer if you have accustoms. To be continue.