Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chinese Milk contains Melamine

Indonesia has banned Chinese milk products after tens of thousands of Chinese children became ill from formula believed to have been contaminated with the chemical melamine, an official said Tuesday.

Imports of Chinese milk formula have been banned and all stocks of Chinese milk products are being examined, health ministry spokeswoman Lily S. Sulistyowati told AFP.

"Authorities from the food supervisory agency are examining imported Chinese milk in markets across the country and the results will be known in two or three days," she said.

The ban will affect only one brand of Chinese milk, "Guozhen" produced by Yantai New Era Health Industry, which is the only imported Chinese milk product approved for sale in Indonesia, she said.

Officials were also investigating the possibility that smuggled products were on sale in the country.

Around 53,000 Chinese infants have become sick after drinking formula laced with melamine, a chemical used in plastics which can also make milk appear to be full of protein. Four children in China have died.

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