Sunday, August 24, 2008

Michael Phelps with 8 Gold Medals

Beijing Olympic become a spectacular moment for a few people. Some country fail to get a gold medal on this event in Beijing, but some people can get Gold Medal more than one, this people is not bigger than other athlete but bigger than certain country.

Some athlete can get Gold medal in certain sport such as Swimming, Athletic, Gymnastic, and Bike Race. Athlete who acquired the most a lot of gold medal is Michael Phelps from swimming pool.
This American swimmer really makes a phenomenal in Beijing Olympic this time. He can make a record history become the first man who can get 8 of Gold medals in one Olympic Event and also as man who get a most lot of Gold medals.

The below is the record of other athlete who got more than one medals:
  1. Michael Phelps (AS) Swimming 8-0-0
  2. Usain Bolt (Jamaika) Athletic 3-0-0
  3. Chris Hoy (Inggris) Bike Race 3-0-0
  4. Stephanie Rice (Australia) Swimming 3-0-0
  5. Zou Kai (China) Gymnastic 3-0-0
  6. Lisbeth Trickett (Australia) Swimming 2-1-1
  7. Leisel Jones (Australia) Swimming 2-1-0
  8. Aaron Peirsol (AS) Swimming 2-1-0
  9. Ryan Lochte (AS) Swimming 2-0-2
  10. Yang Wei (China) Gymnastic 2-1-0
  11. Jason Lezak (AS) Swimming 2-0-1
  12. Kenenisa Bekele (Etiopia) Athletic 2-0-0

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