Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing Olympic Badminiton

Badminton branch the pre-eminent of China gets for a lot of gold medal in Olympic moment, start to scale off. After double women Yang Wei/Zhang Jiewen defeated by a Japan couple, nowadays second pre-eminent innings double mixture of Gao Ling /Zheng Bo have to fall down, Tuesday ( 12 / 8). They are defeated by a veteran couple from English, Gail Emms/Nathan Robertson.

Pre-eminent of English couple on first set win with the score 21-16. But, Ling/Bo later; then force to play rubber-set, after winning to the second set with the score 16-21. On determination game, Emms/Robertson able to stop the resistance of China couple with the score 21-19. With that victory, English couple goes forward to quarterfinal act.

"That is the best resistance from the China couple. When left behind, they will scrap getting louder and spirit. They do not put in the way of us to develop the game and groan. So very pleasant when we have time to be left behind by 5 point in the third set, then able to pursue and finally win the game," Nathan Robertson said.

That victory at one blow represents the retaliation of English couple in Athena’s Olympic last four years, they fail from Gao Ling/Zheng Bo in final.

"This possible our best game to fight one of the worlds best of double player," Robertson Said.

Though, English double are old veteran and have led of three ages. Gail Emms which nowadays 31 year and will be retired as free as Olympic Beijing enhance, " The fact that we fail in previous final Olympic and nowadays can win, giving separate incentive for us.

In quarterfinal English couple will face to South Korea couple, Lee Hyo Jung/Lee Yong Dae. They are also one of strong couple in world, even their grade still under Emms/Robertson.

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