Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bionic Eye for Blinded People

For many years many scientist try to create bionic eye transplantation that will help for a blind people. American scientist has predicted can step to that revolutionary technology using digital video and photography, sometime this technology can use by a blind people.

Like on the film of science and fiction technology as use on Terminator which is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger on the year of 1984. On that film Arnold use bionic eyes which can change the sight seeing into digital information.

On the newest technology development, scientist has created a camera using a convex lens. The researcher said this development as big improvement on the available digital censor lately. As does with the function of retina in human being, this bionic eye camera enable bounce the light from object into a picture and sending the message pass through optic nerve into the brain.

Those censor is possible to catch object to see more clearly without distortion in better view area such as human. But scientist still can't install this convex lens into bionic eyes because this censor is formed by silicon that is very brittle and broken easily.

Research team from Northwestern University, Illinois, ACE, solving those problem by creating elastic membrane half symmetric. The membrane can be shrunk so that enable to be attached into bionic eye before that membrane return to origin form.

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