Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrance

As the fragrance technology itself, this oil usually produced by extract from natural sources like spices, flowers and other vegetable oil. They sometime also mix this oil to get a special perfume. Covet have new release kind of fragrance as the info from the maker, this fragrance have used by many celebrities like, Jessica Parker, Britney Spears, Jenifer Lopez and many others celebrities.

Covet promised to be a bit more daring. At the time Lovely was released, Parker noted to get the opportunity, on the next scent will be genderless. Fuller Riskier, and more recently they has called Covet "more aggressive" than Lovely. Covet was developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl, and the notes include wet greens, geranium leaves, Sicilian lemon, lavender, chocolate, honeysuckle, magnolia, muguet, musk, votives, bois de cashmere, teakwood and amber.

From the formula composition Covet have mix from many extract oil. This composition is not guarantee that will suitable to your body and your nose, but in general you will like it. Why every woman always uses fragrance to appear in front of public? She more worried for bad smell other than no money on the pocket. Different with a man, he more worried of no money in his pocket than bad smell from his body. Women want look sexy as look from her body, her sound, and her smell. A man will loose concentration of working when he smells a women fragrance, a sound of woman shoes, and woman voice.

This comment of Jessica Parker about Covet fragrance, “Unforgivable”:

Unforgivable is a visceral fragrance that blends chemistry and emotion. It stimulates the senses in ways never imagined and is a rare blend of pure, uncontained, and unrestrained emotion. Its essence is inspired by a life lived and savored to the fullest. It's sleek, smooth blend reinvents masculine style with classic luxury. The Unforgivable man is distinctive with a driving passion. Unforgivable fuses cashmere accord with rum and amber, achieving a peak that is both sexy and seductive. A breathtaking fragrance that says, "sexy, rich, unique, and passionate," with a soul that is slightly dangerous and explosive, yet cool.

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