Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Canes Film Festival Steps

On the canes film festival will arrange with the step on the below, the step include of the official selection, juries selection, awards, programs, events and follow of everything happened at the festival

Official Selection: will collect and show the detail of all film to be selected in competition, at Uncertain regard, out of competition in special screenings and at the cinefondation.

Juries: Information on the different juries, for feature film, for the cinefondation and shorts, for uncertain regard and for camera.

Awards: Describe and list of film awarded prizes at the closing award ceremony.

Cannes Classics: New or restored prints, tributes to filmmakers or foreign cinema, documentaries of film making. This program air is to highlight works of the past.

Cannes Short Films:
The short film event at Cannes which brings together, in a complementary dynamic, the short film competition and the short film corner.

Cinema masterclasses, Europe day, tributes and exhibition, all of the events organized during the festival.

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