Friday, September 16, 2011

Veil is not allowed in the Netherlands

The Netherlands will participate forbid veils for their people. The country does not care about a hundred women in her country who wear the veil. Dutch government will start condemning it since this Friday (16 / 9). Netherlands will become the third country which forbids the veil after France and Belgium. Women who are desperate to wear the veil will be fined 330 guilders.

Even so, women are still allowed to wear veils while in mosques and religious places. Women who travel abroad are also allowed to wear veils while in the airport lounge.

Cabinet ministers in the Netherlands ensure prohibition is necessary because not in accordance with the community in his country is considered open. If wearing the veil, women have not participated in the openness of it.

Dutch Parliament is the first time forbid the veil 2005. They collect sound in the form of the proposal made by enemies of Prophet Mohammed, Geert Wilders. He was known as anti-Islamic politician in Europe. However, the poll does not bear fruit because the Dutch when it is preoccupied with elections and political coalitions change issues.

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