Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami In Japan 2011

Earth quake in Japan have make many car and building damage and hundreds of people died. Ground level shots of cars and boats that locate near from the sea being swept by a torrent of water. House being ripped from their foundation, car attempting in vein to evade the rushing wave, and many store and oil refinery blanked by smoke and fire.

Few minutes after earth quake other development tsunami waves heading out into the ocean with the entire power of pacific ocean hit all the creatures, building and whatever on the site of the beach.

Hawaii was braced for a tsunami, several individuals we spoke to in the archipelago, one stood out told that he was just meters from the shore, as waves clearly began to build and water lapped onto the streets.

Boot and many car wave by sea water and break the building and everything on the front of this wave. As on the picture, water is flow through and hit whatever are in front.

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