Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Earthquacke in Indonesia

Eartquacke is happened again in Indonesia, in Benkulu - Sumatra island. Earthquacke strong at this time with about the same with last time earthquacke in Tasik and Bajar with about 7.4 richter scale. The different is the center location, this earth quacke is centered in the middle of Sumatra Island not in the middle of the sea like last time happened in Tasik. So then fatal effect can't be avoid happened in the earth quacke area.

Many building is broken and even level with the earth, many people die, approximate about 2 hundreds peoples die and can be more. The center of earthquake is near from Bengkulu and Jambi about 46 km south east of Sungaipenuh, Jambi, or 54 km from Mukomuko, Bengkulu, about in the middle of this two big city in middle Sumatra Island. Exactly at the epicenter coordinates 2.44 south latitude and 101.59 east longitude, at about 10 km below the earth surface. Bengkulu is locate more in the middle while Jambi is located near the eastern sea of Sumatra Island or near of Riau - Singapore and Malaysia.

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