Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finally Italy and Franch Go Home

From World Cup - 2010

This year we will see semi final foot ball without Italy and Franch, both team has down last night. Italy hit by Slovakia team 3-2. If we are see on every game, Italy is not good looking because their play is too slow and from year to year actually not interest me to see their game. Italy play to slow and sometime easily beat back by the enemy. See on to all the game Italy just can play draw and never win, so this why that Italy don't fit for final turn of World Champion of 2010.

Franch team also should go home after hit by Mexico 2-0, Mexico play more brave currently and very confidence to make the ex of foot ball championship last time. I think the both of these team should learn more about their strategy to play foot ball next time. The effect of these loose, many contract agreement for next year will canceled because they want new face player, may be from Africa or Latin American.

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