Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not in Your Vacation List

10. Baghdad, Iraq Iraq Conflict Effect
Baghdad, the damage city after Saddam Hussein Era, after US invasion to Iraq, theft, abduction and sexual criminal and team abattoir happened every where. This big city has become prairie.

9. Dhaka, Bangladesh Pollution Effect
Famous town a lot of burst is Dhaka, no.9 of 10 Hell in the World in count down. Beside of unstable politics condition, military pressure and chaos effect of war and natural disaster. Capital of this Bangladesh facing abundant of crisis with the highest Industrial pollution stage fulfilling this town bring the ugly impact for its environment, continually 9.7 million tons garbage thrown through the river in town per annum.

8. Yakutsk, Russia Environmental extreme
Yakutsk is the coldest place in the world, often the temperature down until - 58oF or - 64oC. When those conditions come, children must holiday from school. The fog thick cause only makes your eye see as not more than 10 m to the front.

7. Mogadishu, East Africa Lawlessness
The hierarchies always were negotiating. In the year of 1992 rebellion happened everywhere with thousands of case and long dry season cause hunger in every region. MOGADISHU, of course will not in your vacation list.

6. Chernobyl, Ukraine Radiation City
If you never heard the Chernobyl, punished town, possible you do not want stay there because of radiation danger during this last decade. Nuclear explosion in the year 1986 have broken and contaminate all organic being in this place.

5. Oklahoma City, United States Natural disasters
The bad time to visit this place in the month of March until August, unpredicted weather, the city with town with allot of tornado disaster in U.S, make this town seem like a film of: The Day After Tomorrow.

4. Pyongyang, North Korea Oppression
City with full of pressure, this city have only one TV and radio channel under government control. To go out of city, every body must have permission. You will be very happy if can go out from this city.

3. Bujumbura, Republic of Burundi
Corruption With the lowest capital earnings number, this state becomes the poorest state in this planet. And fearful is often murder to the political leaders, there is no one place to make a honeymoon here.

2. Linfen, China Darkness City
The Biggest of resident town version of magazine Time, very quite and dark make this town like hell. The Air full of coal pollution and the road full of emission. You have to go away, even you wear a masker, because that will can’t safe you, go away and don't returned to this town.

1. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
HIV Disease More than 115 HIV patient merge monthly, this town become the ugly top list place to live in the world, base on economic voting intelligent in the year of 2004. Population increase uncontrolled here, rapist case, theft reach the highest number 23 times fold from London. There is famous Gang that is succeeded to robe the bank using the gun M16. If you fail to look for the souvenir here, don't worry because you have taken home the souvenir disease which you have brought with your body.

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