Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Portugal the First Team Go To Final Quarter

Portugal become the first team which pass to final quarter after this team can beat Republic of Ceko with score 3 -1, Deco make the first goal on this game, that plays in Stade de Geneva, Swiss, last Wednesday (Swiss time). Actually Ceko can make the score same 1-1 after Sionco Libos can enter the goal through his head on 17th minute. This score can stand still until the game rest.

On the second part of the game Portugal can control the game so Ceko always get pressure and attacked by Portugal team, Ronaldo and Deco always work together to make the game more make valued for his team, and on minute of 63, Ronaldo at last make a goal by hard kick to the Ceko Goal Keeper. To see this condition Ceko try to make a goal through their attacked and Millan Baros almost make a goal at minute 89. But Ceko team forgets their defense, Cristianto Ronaldo pass from penalty trap and make a goal for the second time on this game at the end of game minute of 90, the end score of this game is 3-1 for Portugal team. The first place of Group A will against the runner up of Group B. We waiting for the next game, very interesting. The position of group B still waiting for the winner between Swiss VS Turki.

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