Saturday, June 28, 2008

If Spain the Champion

If German the champion then it as usual that German become a champion for World and Europe Football Championship. But if Spain the Champion Guiza will directly wed with his couple who has one child. Guiza have made one goal when beat Russia 3-0 in semifinal. If the Spain become a Champion this time is the first time for Spain become the champion in Europe after 1964.

If become a champion, Guiza will get bonus from Spain Football Federation (RFEF) for 214,000 euro. That is quite big enough for their wedding then. Daniel Guiza in fact marked player. But, emotion and its behavior make its career late to shine. Since junior team, he often behave in practice, even trained by its idol, Kiko Narvaez, he remain to be naughty. One day on training, he hiding behind the tree, avoiding instruction Narvaez to run.

"Since Guiza have an affair with Nuria, he are diligent exercise. He have never again seen like used up sleep under the bridge," Bernd Schuster said, as his coach in Getafe.

If Spanyol win and he finally marry Nuria, possibly will progressively make more focus to his career. Player which have been assessed as one of biggest talent of Spain, possible will progressively shine.

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