Sunday, June 29, 2008

At Last Spain as Euro 2008 Champion

At the first game Spain always press by Germany and the first goal shot to the Spain goal keeper. Spain team realizes this condition is not good for them, they should out from Germany pressure, and this condition goes about 10 minutes on the first playing.

After first 10 minutes, Spain beginning out from pressure, and oppositely can press the German goal keeper, even in the minute of 22 Tores nearly make the goal to German keeper, using their head directly nuzzled to the goal gate but colliding gate pillar, the ball back and no body rebound the ball.

Spanyol return to develop;build the sweet attack scheme for breaking of Der Panzer defender. The result, hard work of red-black team produce goal at minute of 32, when Torres continue breakthrough feed of Xavi. The score then break the spectacle become 1-0 for Spain.

Entering second half, Germany alter the strategy. The Coach of Joachim Loew exchange the player Kevin Kuranyi which is coupled with Miroslav Klose in front. Nevertheless, the couple of Der Panzer still difficult to break the defender of Ramos and Carles Puyol.

Spanyol succeed to realize their dream during 44 years. After international less of champion title since 1964, El Matador finally can terminate that dream after becoming the champion of Europe Cup 2008 after conquering Germany 1-0.

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