Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What is Herbalist

Herbalist is person who already train with herbal medicine knowledge. He or She alredy got certificate to practice his or her knowledge and can give herbal medicine to other people. Herbalist uses plants and other natural substances to cure the diseases and also treat to prevent of many diseases.

People who consume herbal medicine is called as Herbalism, botanical medicine or Phytomedicine that have been use for thousand of years. Accoring to the WHO, about 80% of people in the world use herbal medicine as a part of overall health care.

In the development countries herbal medicine already change into simple product from extract or powder of many plants, root, berries, leaves, bark, flowers and many other and they named with dietary supplement. This supplement already sell as legal product and can be found in Apotek and clinics. Supplement medicine usually don't covered by insurance but some also coverred depend on the first agreement.

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