Monday, April 23, 2012

Zipper Inventor

We all use the zippers on the pants and shirt, for men always use this on his pants. Without using zippers on our pants, of course, be little difficulty if you want to pee.

For all this we are grateful to the inventor Gideon Sundback, since its discovery, so help us in day to day activities at work and in doing other work. The work of the zipper itself is very interesting, can open with a symmetric often time become animate at the film or at the opening of slide.

Gideon Sundback who took off on the earlier prototypes to create the “Separable Fastener,” patented in 1917. Otto Frederick Gideon Sundback, Canadian, born Swedish, 880-1954. Gideon Sunback is an Electrical Engineer, one of his famous inventions that have stood the test of time is Zipper. After Gideon Sunback wife's death in 1911, he devoted himself to the worktable, and by December 1913 had designed the modern zipper.

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