Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Picture of Oscar 2011

To review about Oscar Film Competition will talk about Best Picture. Best Picture is how the film look like, how the combination of every picture flow, and the synergy between the story and the picture in relationship. We'll continue to report on the external reality of Hollywood as it honors the bests of 2011, while patting itself on the back for its exquisite taste.

Best Picture

Like, really, "The Artist?" It's charming as a Jack Russell puppy and Jean Dujardin's smile, but as lasting as Reddi-Wip. It's not the silence, or the black and white; it's the lack of deep imprint, of emotional charge, positive or negative, that makes us feel like this is a middle-brow artist, not a Da Vinci. That said, with "The Help" crew rolling up the acting awards, and the SAG ensemble win, and inhaling $170 Million at the box office, it could very well be the movie to beat. Pity "The Descendants," that seemed so strong out of Toronto and Telluride. Its fortunes seem to be falling, not rising.

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