Sunday, February 5, 2012

Best Actor and Best Actress of Oscar 2011

To review about Oscar Film Competition will talk about Best Actor and Best Actress. We'll continue to report on the external reality of Hollywood as it honors the bests of 2011, while patting itself on the back for its exquisite taste.

Best Actor 

You could have knocked me over with that perverse little SAG statuette on Sunday night when Dujardin beat out Clooney for the actors' award. Does this really mean that George is out of the race? The reality is that it's very, very tight — and that win for Dujardin tipped the balance ever so slightly away from Clooney. Does George really have to take another loss with grace? I certainly hope not. Maybe his acting, co-writing and directing "The Ides of March" will tip this one winnable race in his favor.

Best Actress

Like the actor race, this one is neck-and-neck: Viola Davis or Meryl Streep? Their friendship will be tested in the next four weeks as they both bend over backwards both to express how they don't mind if the other woman wins and, that, down deep, they really want to win it themselves. It's a difficult act to pull off — that's why they're at the top of their field. At this point, Viola has the multiple nominations for "The Help" working to her advantage — and her SAG award; Meryl has seventeen nominations and the fact that she hasn't won since 1983 working in her favor. Tough, but point to Davis this round!

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