Friday, May 8, 2009

Human Cloning

Secretly, a United States origin scientist, dr Panayiotis Zavos, Clone a human. To the UK newspaper, the Independent, Zavos claim successfully an embryo of 14 men, 11 of which have been planted in the womb, four women.

It didn’t know where Zavos mekakukan do cloning as in the UK, where he lived, and a number of countries, human cloning is prohibited. Several possibilities appear where does Zavos cloning, among others in the Middle East or in the United States, precisely in Kentucky, the location of clinic, or Cyprus where he was born.

But the four patients where implantation of the cells his cloning mentioned, three of them women already married and one single woman. The four women each from Britain, the United States and a country in the Middle East that is not mentioned.

However, so far the work of Dr Zavos not success because the four women do not pregnant despite the embryo is planted in the womb of four women.

"I understand how far we have not obtained a pregnancy from the embryo that has been planted. This is because there any ideal conditions that make it can happen, "said Dr Zavos. In the future, Zavos plan in collaboration with Karl Illmensee that already have much experience with the process of cloning since the 1980s.

For the next trials, Zavos recruit 10 young couples to be the next object trials. "Many couples who are interested to try this in the cloning process on their womb," he said.

Zavos have expense for each person you want to. Cost is determined 45,000 U.S. dollars to 75,000 U.S. dollars, or about Rp 492.3 million to Rp 820.5 million (exchange rate of Rp 10,940).

Independent daily published the news that after the video recording of the process of cloning is Zavos. Baby Zavos is estimated the work will be born some time in the future.

"There is no doubt in this case. Baby cloning results will appear. If we improve the business, we will get the baby in the cloning of one or two years. But we do not know the extent to which the increase in business that we do, "said Zavos as dilansir Independent.

Action Dr Zavos, of course, get a critique from the scientists and is considered against medical ethics.

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