Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Protective hoods made of Fiber

They are exceptionally soft and pleasant to wear. In danger zones, Viscose Fiber guarantees an optimum body climate. The high absorptive capacity and the skin-sensory component contribute to the fact that the concentration and performance of the fire fighter remain at a high level. Even with extreme radiant heat, the protective hood of Fiber remains pleasantly cool. At the FDIC in Indianapolis Fiber is focused on protective hoods.

The collection of Fiber Club members was exhibited at a separate booth. More than 100 new fabric developments were presented to the American specialists. The very first Fiber programs are being adopted by the international retail trade. Lenzing Fiber offered “Lenzing Innovation Seminars“ at Texworld USA again this year. More than 400 seminar participants took part in a number of specialist conferences and presentations on trends.

It is finer and suppler than the standard Lenzing fiber. Its fineness allows for the production of very high-quality and light fabrics. The Fiber brand is protected around the world and offers an added value for customers in the high-end segment.

This year the 48th Man-Made Fiber Conference Dornbirn is taking place from September 16-18, 2009. It will feature more than 100 talks on the following themes:

· New fiber developments
· Fibers for medical and sanitary textiles
· Fibers for compound materials, the transport industry and professional clothing
· Fibers and textiles in connection with climate change
· EU research projects

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