Thursday, April 16, 2009

Men Character

As she knows usually women like to cry…..
But men, the brave creature also like to cry …
This one is the story:
  1. Not all men like David Copperfield, so don’t think if they can read your mind when you have problem, what’s hard to say “I am hungry, please buy me a dress, please hug me, and so on.
  2. On Sunday is the time for rest after 6 working days, so don’t think if they want accompanying you for shopping to the mall along a day.
  3. Shopping is not sport, and we never thought like that. If want to buy something, we just buy and don’t compare the price with other shop for just little different, just wasting time and gas.
  4. Crying is some kind of extortion, better to hear of thunder, explode of bomb, than to hear you’re crying that make us can’t do anything.
- Asking for what you want to, and try to understand this:
- Smooth teasing will not understand
- Harsh teasing will not understand
- Open teasing also can’t understand
- Why don’t directly say something!
  1. Yes or not is the simple answer and can understand by everyone. It’s simple!
  2. Tell to me if your problem wants to be solved, because that is I done. If just got a sympathetic tell to your women friend.
  3. Headache for 17 months is just lets you go to the doctor.
  4. Whatever I said 6 months ago can’t be an argument. Actually, all comment is not valid after 7 days. Our promise to go abroad and climb the mountain are just cliched, don’t think serious.
  5. If you want wear a dress just like a model, we are not an artist.
  6. If you think too fat, its may be. Don’t ask me, mirror is more honest than a man
  7. You may ask me to do something or ask me to solve the problem with your way, but don’t both, if you think can do better, do by yourself.
  8. If you can, say anything what you want to say on the advertising session. Remember don’t say anything on the penalty kick.
  9. We are not kid anymore, so don’t remind me for eat, good night, and so on. We think that is just wasting of pulse.
  10. If feel itch, scratch by yourself, we also did.
  11. If we ask, what’s wrong, and you say nothing, we will think nothing happen. Remember like no. 1 we can’t read your mind.
  12. If we both go to some place, whatever you dress, just suit for you. Really!. So there is no reasons for not going to the party.
  13. Don’t ask for something else, beside foot ball game, billiard, fishing or car maintenance.
  14. We don’t like debate by feeling and hart, we just using logic.
  15. Thanks for reading all.

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