Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nonwoven Fibers Use

Nordic Swan for Nonwoven Fibers

The “Swan” is considered a leading certification system, which helps the entire supply chain up to the consumer to identify environmentally friendly products of high quality.

Viscose and TENCEL fiber fulfill the stringent requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel in terms of environment, quality and functionality since they are:
  • derived from the renewable raw material wood
  • produced in an environmentally responsible manner
  • pure, soft and absorbent in use
  • fully biodegradable after disposal
The certification of nonwoven fibers offers its customers the opportunity to have their own products certified with the Nordic ecolabel in the following nonwoven categories: “Cosmetic Products” e.g. for wipes or cosmetic-pads and “Sanitary Products” e.g. for tampons, incontinence applications or surgical dressings.

Green Wipes are “In”

The world of wipes is extremely dynamic. In the beginning wet wipes were cleaning tools combining two components to ease use. Wipes have evolved into high-performance delivery systems which absorb, retain and release lotion on demand.

Today the wipes applications fully meet the requirements of the consumers - convenience is key. Nonwoven fibers offer specific solutions for manifold applications.

However, focus is not only placed on performance factors but also on environmental aspects. Being made from wood, nonwoven fibers have become the 'in' product of choice for branded and private label companies looking for environmentally responsible wiping products.

Environmental protection, global warming and energy consumption - these issues have been in the media for more than just the past few months. This continual presence of environmental topics in the media has impact on the buying behavior of consumers: They want to know whether wipes are environmentally responsible or not.

Wipes made from nonwoven fibers solve the day to day problems of consumers while improving their own personal environment and simultaneously being kind to the planet.

In 2008, nonwoven fibers were certified as "compostable" materials and awarded with the Nordic Swan. Eco-Labels and Oeco-Tex certificates help consumers to identify environmentally responsible products. This fiber also as a material for textile industry like cotton and silk as natural raw material sources.

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