Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Women Types Avoided by Man

Women have a beauty face with proportional body, smooth skin, but many of man orderly retreat. May be you include a women that avoided by man. Take a look the list before:

1. Miss Superwomen

Woman superhero, what too self-supporting, arrogance and likely do not need a man, avoided by men in real life. Besides do not ready to its role replaced by you, border on you make he feel of no use.

2. Miss Materialistic

Woman which always orient at materialism will not be peeped by them. "I have a friend which have beautiful face, but I directly through away my face when she ask, ' What kind of car you drive to go here? What is your house area?" Crazy, just meet and ask about car owner. What make most boring, when I mention my car, she just reply with a shorten word, "ooh,"

3. Miss Workaholic

He do not prohibit you to work, but don't like when woman work night and day. He will assess the woman like this will ready to sacrifice the requirement and their importance for work.

4. Miss Barbie

Barbie is beautiful, but cannot be invited to talk and discussion, also with the woman has Barbie type. "I have met with this type. From outside its tidiness is beautiful and inspires my appetite. Unfortunately know nothing, can't joint to talk.

5. Miss Obsessive

Woman which obsession immediately becomes the housewife become their nightmare, because he conceive you and will pursue immediately to marry you. Even if new friend, you have roaring about of wedding dress, even prepare the name their Childs even not found the husband candidate yet.

6. Miss Bossy

Woman who likes to command also make the men avoid coming close. Bossy behavior can be seen from way of you treat the others, like to steward of restaurant or office boy.

7. Miss Aggressive

Just because of he seen and looked into, you have phoned him five times a day. Sending him SMS repeatedly. He too fearful to aggressive woman, because assuming will do with all way of to ensnare him.

8. Miss Intellect

Beautiful, long haired, good, bright cook that the part of criterion looks for by man. “What we look for only one who talkative and compatible to talk. I oppositely rather minder and not with the too bright woman, because she surely have the big ego as me,"

9. Miss Mommy

All boy confess fear to come close to woman which have a deadline because do not wish ask for immediately married. Woman has matured Age inclusive of avoided by those who still wish to enjoy a longer period as free man.

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