Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Valkyrie Tom Cruise Film have Postponed

World War II thriller Valkyrie that act by Tom cruise has been postpone for release until 2009. It is the second time the film has been postponed, according to trade magazine the Hollywood Reporter. The film will now open on 13 February instead of 3 October, coinciding with the US President's Day holiday weekend.

Universal recently pulled The Wolf Man out of that slot and into 3 April. Last December, Valkyrie was pulled from its original 4 July holiday weekend berth where it would have competed with the Angelina Jolie thriller Wanted. Valkyrie, the true story of a German officer who tried to assassinate Hitler, has been hit by a number of setbacks during production.

Eleven extras were injured when they fell off the back of a truck during shooting in Berlin last year.

The German government initially banned the production from shooting on location at the Berlin site where the Valkyrie plot was hatched and the conspirators executed.

It later changed its mind after months of national debate that focused in part on Cruise's Scientology beliefs. Some of the footage shot at the site was later damaged during processing, requiring re-shoots.

What is the detail story of this film we are still waiting until the film be published on 2009. Good luck for you Tom.

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